13x75mm 8x120mm Vacuum Blood Collection ESR Tube PET Glass 1.6ml-2.4ml

The ESR tube required by the erythrocyte sedimentation rate test is 3.2% (equivalent to 0.109mol/L), and the ratio of anticoagulant to blood is 1:4. Containing 0.4mL of 3.8% sodium citrate, draw blood to 2.0ml. This is a special test tube for erythrocyte sedimentation rate.


ESR tubes are mainly used for blood sample collection and anti-coagulation during erythrocyte sedimentation rate test. It contains 3.8%(0.129mol/L) sodium citrate buffer which mixed with blood in a ratio of 4:1. It is suitable for ESR testing for different genders and ages.

8×120 ESR tube is applicable to various automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate analyzers. Because of little volume and negative pressure inside the tube, it needs some time for blood collection. Wait for the blood to stop flowing into the blood collection tube and mix it 6-8 times to fully mix the anticoagulant and blood.

13×75 ESR tube is specially used in blood collection and anti coagulation for automated erythrocyte sedimentation rate analyzers sedimentation rate test with the mixing ratio of 1 part sodium citrate to 4 parts blood, by Westergren method.

Product Specification:

Model No. Material Additive Size(mm) Vol Packing
TYK113 PET 3.8% Sodium Citrate Buffer (0.129 mol/L) 13×75 1.6ml, 2.4ml, 3.2ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn
TYK213 Glass
TYK213-1 Glass 8×120


1.28ml, 1.6ml, 2.0ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn
TYK213-2 Glass 9×120


1.6ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn
TYK213-3 Glass 16×100 8ml 100pcs/rack, 1200pcs/ctn

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