Disposable Sterile 200ul 1000ul Pipette Tips With Racks Filter

Material: PP pipette tips
Color: clear, yellow, blue, filters pipette tips rack
Capacity: pipette tips box


Material: PP pipette tips

Color: clear, yellow, blue, filters pipette tips rack

Capacity: pipette tips box

Universal design: 10ul-1250ul disposable pipette tips

Filter pipette tips: 10ul-1000ul

Types: Gilson/Eppendorf/Universal Pipettes/Dragon OEM

Serivce: lab select pipette filter tips

Packing: bag, box, or customized

Series: sterile pipette tips, 200ul filter pipette tips, 1000ul filter pipette tips, disposable pipette tips, low retention pipette tips, filter pipette tips,low adsorption filter pipette tips,steriled or not all available.

Product Features:

[Size] – Fit for 10ul-1250ul pipette tips, 96 Well;

[Material] – Made from polypropylene plastic (PP), lightweight, high temperature and low-temperature resistance.

[Freezer Safe] – Temperature Resistance Range: -150~120 ℃ / -238~248 ℉

[Function] – Keeps your pipette tips firmly inside while the box is closed.

[Application] – Widely use on holding laboratory pipette, convenient for insertion and removal of pipettor tips.

Product Specifications:

Volume 10ul, 20ul, 50ul, 100ul, 200ul, 300ul, 1ml, 5ml, 10ml
Material Medical grade PP
Sterile EO Sterile
Fit Eppendorf Gilson Rainin Biohit Brand etc.

Product Advantages:

1. Carefully inspect of raw material and manufactured under strict process check, all tips are with excellent accuracy and precison.

2. Special siliconizing on the inner surface ensure no liquid adhesion and accurate sample transfer.

3. Standard tips and filter tips can be autoclaved, high temperature sterilization acceptable.

4. Racked tips can be supplied Pre-sterilized by irradiation.

5. All colored tips is heavy metal free dyes.

6. All surfaces of the tips are mirror surfaces, and the tips need to be transparent.

7. Material requirements: Medical grade PP

8. The production workshop is 100,000 GMP

9. The tips require no DNA/RNA/DNSE/RNASE and enzyme pollution.

10. The product has no oil stains and black spots.

11. The concentricity of the tips is within 1.5MM, there must be no defects.

Product Details: sterile pipette tips

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