Lab Glassware White Color Microscope Glass Cover Slide Glass


Glass Cover Slip is produced by normal float glass or super white glass or boro 3.3 glass material.

The cover glass is suitable for histology, microbiology, laboratory and hospitable use.

Product Features:

The cover slip corner is 90°;

The material is white clear glass;

Microscope cover glass thickness is 0.13-0.17mm;

No fogging, no scratches, no bubbles on cover slide surface.

Product Specifications:

Code Material Dimension (mm) Thickness (mm) Packing Carton Size (cm) Weight (kg)
TYI-1818C Glass 18×18 0.13-0.17 100pcs/box, 500boxes/ctn 31*33*14 10
TYI-1818C-1 200pcs/box, 200box/ctn 36*42*24 17
TYI-2020C 20×20 100pcs/box, 500boxes/ctn 31*33*14 11
TYI-2222C 22×22 100pcs/box, 500boxes/ctn 31*33*14 12
TYI-2222A 200pcs/box, 200box/ctn 36*42*24 17
TYI-2240C 22×40 100pcs/box, 250boxes/ctn 35*34*14 19
TYI-2424C 24×24 100pcs/box, 500boxes/ctn 35*34*14 14

Product Advantages:

1. 22x22mm Microscope Glass Cover Slip OEM is available, we can customize the slide size, packing box and cartons as clients requirements;

2. The cover glass surface is typically flat and transparent;

3. Vacuum PE bag package or cellophane package as clients required.


18x18mm Cover Slip Cleaning Method:

Preparing cover glass should be washed with water or alcohol, and then wiping clean with cotton or gauze.

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