Laboratory Disposable Ziplock LDPE Biohazard Specimen Transport Collection Bags

Biohazard Specimen bag is a special specimen bag (specimen self-sealing bag with biosafety warning signs), which is composed of three or four layers of plastic bags, with a sealing strip for the mother and daughter grooves at the mouth of the bag, and a sandwich bag at the back of the main bag , The sandwich bag is used to put labels or labels. The sandwich bag can be one layer or another sealed two-layer bag.


High quality specimen bag improves lab processing efficiency and accuracy-saving time and improving care. Dual pouch design features a re-closable poly bag for secondary leakage containment plus an attached open-end document pouch to keep paperwork with the specimen. The bag can made with zip-lock and adhesive tape, with pocket, thickness range from 1.7-2mil.


1. Custom size, logo, color, thickness and packing available

2. Sealable Closure: Specimen transport bags are designed with a sealable closure mechanism, such as a zip-lock or adhesive strip, to securely seal the bag and prevent leakage or contamination of the specimen.

3. Biohazard Labeling: Many specimen transport bags are prominently labeled with biohazard symbols and warnings to indicate the presence of potentially infectious or hazardous materials. This ensures that the bags are handled appropriately and with caution.

4. Absorbent Pads: Some specimen transport bags have built-in absorbent pads or liners to contain any spills or leakage that may occur during transportation. This helps prevent cross-contamination and maintains the integrity of the specimen.

5. Durability: Specimen transport bags are typically made from durable and puncture-resistant materials, such as polyethylene or polypropylene, to withstand the rigors of transportation and handling.

6. Transparency: Most transport bags are made from transparent material, allowing easy visual inspection of the specimen inside without the need to open or manipulate the bag.

7. Tamper-evident: Many specimen transport bags are designed with tamper-evident features, such as a perforated tear strip or a unique seal identifier, to provide evidence of any unauthorized access to the bag during transit.

8. Size Variety: Specimen transport bags are available in various sizes to accommodate different types and quantities of samples. This allows for efficient and organized transportation of specimens.

9. Compliance with Regulations: Specimen transport bags may be certified or compliant with specific regulations or standards, such as UN3373 for the transport of biological substances. This ensures that the bags meet the necessary requirements for safe transportation.

Product Specifications:

Model No. Material Description Size Packing
TYP301 LDPE 4 wall, red & black 6x9inchs 1000pcs/ctn
TYP302 LDPE 3 wall, orange & black 6x10inchs 1000pcs/ctn
TYP303 LDPE 3 wall, red & black, adhesive tape seal 6x10inchs 1000pcs/ctn
TYP304 LDPE 3 wall, orange & black 8x10inchs 1000pcs/ctn
TYP305 LDPE 3 wall, orange & black 10x10inchs 1000pcs/ctn
TYP306 LDPE 3 wall, orange & black 12x15inchs 1000pcs/ctn
TYP307 LDPE 2 wall, red opaque(no pocker) 12x15inchs 1000pcs/ctn

Product Details:

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