Laboratory Plastic Test Tube Rack 90 Well 60 Well 50 Well 40 Well


1. Material: plastic PP or Stainless steel

2. Plastic Test Tube Rack 90 well, 60 well, 40 well, 50 well

3. Stainless steel Tube Rack 25 well, 40 well/50 well

4. Different size to choose (accept customized)

5. Fitting for test tubes range from Diameter 12mm to 21mm

Product Features:

With complete specifications, smooth internal surface, bright use this, it is convenient, clean, beautiful and space-saving.

Product Specifications:

Code Description Package Carton size (cm) Weight (kg)
TYD20 Tube rack 90 well, 12-13mm 1pcs/bag, 50pcs/carton 47*28*27 7
TYD21 Tube rack 60 well, 15-17mm 8
TYD22 Tube rack 40 well, 20-21mm 9
TYD23 Tube rack 50 well, 12-13mm 48x27x34 10
TYD24 Tube rack 50 well, 15-17mm 11
TYD25 Multi-function tube rack 50 well for diffrent size 56x42x42 14.2
TYD26 Z tube rack 25well, stainless -steel 60pcs/carton 30*20*22 11
TYD27 Z tube rack 50well, stainless -steel 30pcs/carton 30*20*24 13
TYD28 Z tube rack 40/50 well, stainless-steel 50pcs/carton 60*38*48 17
TYD28-1 Z tube rack 50well, stainless -steel 60*40*48 20

Product Advantages:

1. It is very easy to assemble and snap together securely in seconds.

2. Shipped in flat to save a lot space.

3. Easy to take in a centrifuge tube and test tube.

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