Laboratory Use Large Capacity Precision Manual Multi Single-Channel Pipette Controller

The Pasteur pipette, both glass and plastic types, are sterilized and plugged with a rubber bulb at the open end of the pipette preventing any contamination from the atmosphere.


The Teflon sealing structure adopted by the manual large-volume pipette has extremely low friction coefficient and good sealing performance, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of liquid leakage during the manual large-volume pipette.

Product Features:

– Five colors optional
– Comfortable and simple to use
– Precise pipetting control
– Robust and lightweight
– 0.1-100ml volumetric or serological pipettes can be used
– Filling and delivery are easily controlled with a small sensitive lever
– Uses integral and replaceable 3um filter
– Easy to maintain and clean
– Autoclavable silicone pipette holder

Product Specifications:

Name Color
Pipette Controller A9012 Blue
A9013 Green
A9014 Red
A9015 Yellow
A9016 Black

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