Medical Disposable Sterile Plastic 30ml Graduated Transparent Medicine Measuring Cup Medicine Container

Medicine Cups are called as portion cups, or measurement cups that are used for dispensing medications.


Medicine Cups are called as portion cups, or measurement cups that are used for dispensing medications. The Medicine cups can hold up to one ounce so these medicine cups are suitable for dispensing both liquid and dry medications. The medicine cups which are made from a translucent polypropylene plastic and are non sterile.


Material: the medicine cups are made of polypropylene plastic and there is a desired level marked on the cup so as to show the the liquid capacity.

Usage: With the medication cup on a flat surface, check the medication level by bringing your eye to the same level as the cup. Always measure the medication using the lowest point of the curvature, not the edges.

Service: We are available for the OEM service and free samples and we have the professional QC team to control the quality.


1. The medicine cup is made of PP material which is more tough than other plastic material.

2. The medicine measuring cup is very transparent so it is more convenient for observation.

3. The pipe body of the medicine cup is injected one time so the surface is very smooth.

4. The special specification can be customized and the logo can be printed if large quantities.

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