Medical Plastic Glass Yellow Cap Vacuum Blood Collection Gel And Clot Activator Tube

Vacuum blood collection gel & clot activator tube is a sterile glass or plastic test tube with yellow cap, facilitating the drawing of a predetermined volume of liqulid, Vacutainer contain additives designed to stabilize and preserve the specimen prior to analytical testing.


Gel & Clot Activator tubes are used for serum biochemistry, drug detection and immunology etc. Coagulant is finely coated on the inner wall of which can shorten the blood coagulation time. After centrifugation, the serum and blood cells are completely separated to obtain high quality serum.

Product Specification:

Model No. Material Additive Size(mm) Vol Packing
TYK107 PET Gel & Clot Activator 13×75


2ml, 3ml, 3.5ml, 4ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn
TYK207 Glass
TYK108 PET 13×100 5ml, 6ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn
TYK208 Glass
TYK109 PET 16×100


7ml, 8ml, 8.5ml 100pcs/rack, 1200pcs/ctn
TYK209 Glass

Product Pictures:

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