PET Glass 1.8ml 2.7ml 3.6ml 4.5ml Vacuum Blood Collection PT Sodium Citrate Tube

PT Vacuum Blood Collection Tube Add 3.2% or 3.8% sodium citrate solution to the tube for the four detections of blood coagulation. The ratio of blood to additives is 9:1. The sequence of blood collection cannot be used as the first blood collection.


PT tube is used to obtain plasma samples for the coagulation test. It contains 3.2%(0.109mo/L) buffered sodium citrate solution.Blood and sodium citrate are mixed in a ratio of 9:1, and the ratio is accurate to ensure the validity of the test results. Due to the low toxicity of sodium citrate, it is also used for blood preservation.

Quality Control:

* We will send one tray samples before mass production.

* Doing complete inspection in the period of production.

* Doing random sample inspection before cargo package.

* Taking pictures for different side of product and cartons after packing.

Product Specification:

Model No. Material Additive Size(mm) Vol Packing
TYK114 PET Coagulation, 3.2% Sodium Citrate Buffer (0.109mol/L) 13×75


1.8ml, 2.0ml, 2.4ml, 2.7ml, 3ml, 3.6ml, 4ml, 4.5ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn
TYK214 Glass
TYK115 PET 13×100 5ml, 6ml, 7ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn
TYK215 Glass
TYK116 PET 16×100 8ml, 9ml, 10ml 100pcs/rack, 1200pcs/ctn
TYK216 Glass
TYK116-1 PET 13×75/


1.8ml, 2.7ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn

Product Pictures:

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