Vacutainer 3ml 5ml Blood Collection Clot Activator Pro Coagulation Tube

Pro-Coagulation tube is fast serum tube wiht orange/red head cover, blood collection tube with coagulant, which can activate fibrinase, turn soluble fibrin into insoluble fibrin polymer, and then form a stable fibrin clot.


Clot Activator tube, also known as pro-coagulant tube, is used to collect serum samples for biochemical and immunological testing, and can be used for rapid outpatient, emergency serum biochemical tests. The inner wall is extremely smooth and be evenly coated by coagulant. It has a wide operating temperature range. Blood clots completely within minutes, and centrifugation yields high quality serum.

Relative Product:

1, EDTA tube, with additive of EDTA K2/K3, purple cap

2, Heparin Tube, with additive of Sodium Heparin/Lithium Heparin, green cap

3, PT Tube, with additive of Sodium citrate (1: 9), blue cap

Product Specification:

Model No. Material Additive Size(mm) Vol Packing
TYK104 PET Clot Activator 13×75 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn
TYK204 Glass
TYK105 PET 13×100


5ml, 6ml, 7ml 100pcs/rack, 1800pcs/ctn
TYK205 Glass
TYK106 PET 16×100 7ml, 8ml, 9ml, 10ml 100pcs/rack, 1200pcs/ctn
TYK206 Glass

Product Pictures:

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