Disposable Medical Sterile Safety Blood Collection Needles Butterfly Needles With Holder

Butterfly Blood Collection Needle are use together with Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes and PRP Tube for Blood Collecting and blood sampling in clinic or hospitals. Different needles are suitable for different infusion set or blood transfusion. Sharpness will reduce patients’ pain in maximum extent.


A butterfly needle with holder is a device that is designed to keep the needle steady while performing blood draws or injections. It is a simple device that consists of a plastic holder that fits firmly onto the patient’s arm, hand, or other body parts. The holder has two wings that open up and secure the needle in place, making it easier to use and reducing the risk of multiple insertions. The needle is inserted at a shallow angle, parallel to the skin surface, which minimizes discomfort and bleeding.

Product Features:

1. Butterfly shaped wings facilitate easy handling and attachment with skin, With soft wings for the convenience of fixation.

2. According to the gauge, needles can be divided into various specification 19-27G.

3.Single use only ,reuse is forbidenned

4.CE , ISO9001 and ISO13485 authorized

5.Color-coded cap and hub assure accurate and convenient gauge size indentification

6.Delicately-designed needle-point with features of sharpness,smooth puncture, less damage to the issue,less painful feeling to the patient.

Using the step:

1. Select the blood vessel, routinely disinfect, remove the cap, tie the tourniquet, and perform puncture.

2. After seeing the blood return, loosen the tourniquet,

3. Free your hand and pierce the other end of the lancet directly into the rubber stopper at the mouth of the specimen

4. Under the action of negative pressure, blood is drawn into the blood collection tube.

5. When the blood stops flowing, first pull out the needle that punctures the blood vessel, and then pull out the needle at the mouth of the tube.

6. Ask the patient to press for 5 minutes without rubbing,

7. The blood specimen library was slowly adjusted to shake 6 times, and the operation was completed

Product Specifications:

Model No TYJ1001 TYJ1002 TYJ1003 TYJ1004 TYJ1005
Size 20G 21G 22G 23G 25G
Diameter 0.9mm 0.8mm 0.7mm 0.6mm 0.55mm
Needle Length 3/4”or 1” 3/4”or 1” 3/4”or 1” 3/4”or 1” 3/4”or 1”
Tube Length 18cm/25cm/30cm 18cm/25cm/30cm 18cm/25cm/30cm 18cm/25cm/30cm 18cm/25cm/30cm
Color Yellow Green Black Blue Orange


Product Details:

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