Medical Safety Blood Sugar Lancing Device Blood Collection Pen With CE ISO

A blood sampling device, also called a lancet device, is a reusable instrument equipped with a lancet. It is also the most commonly used method for diabetics in blood glucose monitoring. The skin penetration depth can be adjusted according to different skin thicknesses.


The depth of the skin jab is measured by the number of millimeters the needle penetrates the skin. The lower-numbered depth setting is shallower, while higher numbers mean a deeper jab. While a lower-numbered depth setting will be more comfortable for most people, a shallow jab may not work well for people with rough or thick skin. The ideal lancet depth will provide enough blood to saturate a glucose strip without causing long-term skin damage or a great deal of pain.

Product Features:

Little pain design

Universal for all standard lancets in the market

Adjustable 9 penetration depths

Durable and easy to use

Packing: 1pc/box, 100pcs/ carton

Product Specifications:

Model No TYJ601 TYJ602 TYJ603 TYJ604


15*93mm 15*105mm 16*100mm 15*120mm
Available Colors Beige/white/black or customize white/black or customize Blue/white/black or customize Black/Beige/white or customize

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