Medical Disposable 1ml 3ml 5ml 10ml Plastic Luer Lock Slip Syringe With Needle

Disposable medical syringe is a common medical device, which mainly uses needle to draw or inject gas or liquid. The Syringe is made of great PP material. It is excellent for applying or dispensing glues, adhesives, sealants, measuring liquids.


The disposable medical syringe is a commonly used medical device that primarily utilizes a needle for the aspiration or injection of gases or liquids. Constructed from high-quality polypropylene (PP) material, this syringe excels in the precise application and dispensing of glues, adhesives, sealants, as well as accurate liquid measurement.

Product Specifications:

CODE Descripition Syringe top Packing Structural part Needle Size
TYL101 Syringe 1ml ,With needle 1.luer slip top
2.luer lock top
1.Blister peel 2.pouch Tear polybag 1.Two parts:Syringe barrel,Syringe plunger
2.Three parts:Syringe barrel,Syringe plunger,Syringe Plugs
TYL201 Syringe 1ml ,Without needle
TYL102 Syringe 2ml ,With needle
TYL202 Syringe 2ml ,Without needle
TYL103 Syringe 3ml ,With needle
TYL203 Syringe 3ml ,Without needle
TYL104 Syringe 5ml ,With needle
TYL204 Syringe 5ml ,Without needle
TYL105 Syringe 10ml ,With needle
TYL205 Syringe 10ml ,Without needle
TYL106 Syringe 20ml ,With needle
TYL206 Syringe 20ml ,Without needle
TYL107 Syringe 30ml ,With needle
TYL207 Syringe 30ml ,Without needle
TYL108 Syringe 50ml ,With needle
TYL208 Syringe 50ml ,Without needle
TYL109 Syringe 60ml ,With needle
TYL209 Syringe 60ml ,Without needle
TYL110 Syringe 100ml ,With needle
TYL210 Syringe 100ml ,Without needle
TYL111 Insulin syringe 0.5ml/1ml


1. Users must possess relevant medical knowledge.

2. Pay attention to the product’s expiration date and refrain from using it after expiry.

3. This product is sterile; do not use if packaging is damaged.

4. Dispose of this single-use product promptly after use.

Product Details:

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