Medical Disposables Sterile Syringe With Needle Pe Blister Packing

Syringe is a common medical instrument. As early as the 15th century, the Italian Cartinel put forward the principle of the syringe. Gas or liquid is extracted or injected mainly with a needle.


Components of a syringe

● Barrel:A barrel is a hollow, tubular structure, usually made of clear plastic or glass,
that holds a liquid medication. The barrel usually has graduated lines on it to measure the volume of the liquid.
●Piston(Plunger): The plston is the moving part inside the cartrldge and is usually made of rubber or plastic.
By moving the piston, the volume of liquid can be changed within the cartridge.
● Needle:A needle is a metal tube attached to the bottom of the cartridge that is used to inject or withdraw
liquid from the body. Needles usually have a sharp tip to easily penetrate skin and tissue.
●Needle Cap: This is a cap that protects the needle and is usually made of plastic. It is used to cover the needle
before and after use to ensure hygienic performance of the syringe.
●Plunger Rod:The Plunger Rod is the part attached to the piston that pushes or pulls the piston to control the
flow of liquid.
●Nozzle:The nozzle is the end of the syringe that is used to release the liquid. In disposable syringes, there is
usually no nozzle, while in multi-use syringes, the nozzle may be replaceable.

Scope of application:
Disposable 1ml,2ml, 3ml,5ml,10ml, 20ml,30ml, 50ml and 60ml Plastic Syringe is suitable for pumping liquid or injection liquid. This product is only suitable for subcutaneous or intramuscular injection and intravenous blood tests, used by medical personnel, prohibited for other purposes and non-medical personnel.


1. Color:Different colors

2. Material: PP stainless

3. Sterile:EO or Gamma sterile

4. Packing:900pcs/ctn.1600pcs/ctn.2400pcs/ctn.3600pcs/ctn

5. Bag:PE packing or bolister packing

6. Application:Syringes are versatile tools that can be used for a variety of medical purposes, including injecting medical devices and scientific instruments. They can be essential in helping to improve patient outcomes and advance scientific research.

CODE Descripition Syringe top Packing Structural part Needle Size
TYL101 Syringe 1ml ,With needle 1.luer slip top
2.luer lock top 1.Blister peel 2.pouch Tear polybag 1.Two parts:Syringe barrel,Syringe plunger
2.Three parts:Syringe barrel,Syringe plunger,Syringe Plugs 16Guage-34Guage
TYL201 Syringe 1ml ,Without needle
TYL102 Syringe 2ml ,With needle
TYL202 Syringe 2ml ,Without needle
TYL103 Syringe 3ml ,With needle
TYL203 Syringe 3ml ,Without needle
TYL104 Syringe 5ml ,With needle
TYL204 Syringe 5ml ,Without needle
TYL105 Syringe 10ml ,With needle
TYL205 Syringe 10ml ,Without needle
TYL106 Syringe 20ml ,With needle
TYL206 Syringe 20ml ,Without needle
TYL107 Syringe 30ml ,With needle
TYL207 Syringe 30ml ,Without needle
TYL108 Syringe 50ml ,With needle
TYL208 Syringe 50ml ,Without needle
TYL109 Syringe 60ml ,With needle
TYL209 Syringe 60ml ,Without needle
TYL110 Syringe 100ml ,With needle
TYL210 Syringe 100ml ,Without needle
TYL111 Insulin syringe 0.5ml/1ml

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